Just Happened Events! Ohio and Oregon…


Love Your Mother Earth on Mother’s Day was the inspiration for a Planting the Future event that was held at the Goldenseal Sanctuary in Rutland Ohio, this past May 20, 2012. Though it was a rainy spring day, many folks turned out for an inspiring day of classes. Thanks to our teachers, Rosemary Gladstar, who taught about creating sanctuary; Paul Strauss, who lead an all morning hike through the misty rain; Chip Carroll, who taught about forest cultivation; and Sasha White, who led a plant walk in the afternoon. Other highlights were a plant dyeing class with Emma Rose Huggins and Rebecca Woods’ essential oils and bath salts class. Diane DonCarlos, Betzy Bancroft and Caty Crabb rounded out a day full of herbal wisdom.

Rosemary Gladstar (founder), Susan Leopold (Executive Director) and Joey Viny (board member) hosted a members’ meeting in the Yurt after lunch. Notes taken from the meeting documented some great membership comments; here are the highlights:
1) Plant Rescue Guide
One member suggested UpS put together a resource document on information related to how one organizes a plant rescue in their local neighborhood; many others have written about this topic over the years, so UpS will be working on pulling this information together to create a document specific to plant rescue to help those looking to organize such an event.

2) Botanical Sanctuary Network
Work on further networking of Botanical Sanctuaries.

3) Website Home page
Too much information on the front page of the website. Have a clearer message about who UpS is and what we do. It’s always good to get feedback from the membership in regards to the website, as we are always updating and revising it with new content and resources. Look for a new design of the home page and tell us what you think!

4) Annual event at the Goldenseal Sanctuary
Hold an annual meeting for local members near the Goldenseal Sanctuary and have an annual event at the Sanctuary. The community that surrounds Rutland is an amazing network of people deeply invested in the Sanctuary, and UpS is going to work really hard to organize an annual event with the help of all the local folks. We also encourage past interns to reconnect with UpS. Send us your picture and your memories, and stay tuned for upcoming events and a possible intern reunion.
We love to hear from members, so if you have an idea let us know!



Over 250 herb enthusiasts gathered for a Planting the Future Conference on Saturday, May 26th at the inspiring Herb Pharm farm to learn from a host of inspiring teachers about the cultivation, use, and preservation of native wild medicinal plants. There are over 60 medicinal herb crops growing on this 80 acres of herbal paradise, including a 3-acre, world-class Education Garden that includes a variety of botanical family beds where you can see wild yam, ginseng, and black and blue cohosh, among other plants from the UpS “At-Risk” list.

The supreme location was enhanced by the inspirational herb teachers, including Lynda LeMole, Tim Blakley, Jane Bothwell, Richo Cech, Mark Wheeler, Kathi Keville, Holly Crosson, Ed Smith, Cascade Anderson Geller, Richo Cech, Mark Disharoon, Kevin Spelman, Julie Plunkett, Autumn Summers, Greg Tilford, and Amanda McQuade. These loyal UpS supporters travel and teach at these events as a donation to the organization. Class topics included Common Plants for Special Women, Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils, Analogs for “At-Risk” Plants, Growing a Backyard Farmacy, Holistic Animal Herbalism, and the ever popular herb walks.

On Sunday the 27th tours were given of both the farm and the lab at Herb Pharm, Horizon Herbs, and Pacific Botanicals. Greg Tilford gave a highly popular morning workshop on Herbs for Companion Animals.

Heartfelt thanks go to Pacific Botanicals and Horizon Herbs, who co-sponsored this event; to Liz Butler of Herb Pharm for her fabulous promotional pieces, taking photos during the conference and bicycling between venues to ensure things were going smoothly; to Betzy Bancroft and Carol Brzezicki in the UpS home office who handled months of registration inquiries; to Herb Pharm interns and staff who gave their all to make this weekend go smoothly; to the farm crew who gave away seeds and seedlings of lomatium, arnica, echinacea, and pleurisy root, and especially to Ed Smith and Sara Katz (Herb Pharm co-founders). Sara, our beloved UpS President, worked actively and tirelessly for months to ensure the success of this event for UpS and for the future of “At-Risk” plants.