Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism receives United Plant Savers Community Grant for Clinic Garden

June 20, 2014, ATHENS, OH – United Plant Savers is delighted to announce its newest grantee, the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism.

Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism (VCIH) is a non-profit herbal school and sliding-scale herbal clinic located in Montpelier, Vermont. This summer, VCIH is creating a medicinal herb display garden at the entrance to their clinic. The garden will serve as an outdoor classroom for students, a sanctuary for at-risk medicinals, and an educational tool for VCIH herbal clinic clients and their community.

VCIH’s garden design will highlight Vermont natives, including many plants on the UpS “at*-risk” and “to*-watch” lists. The garden will be highly visible and accessible, greeting each person that walks through the door. The herb garden will also contain an informational plaque detailing the importance of protecting native medicinal plant species and their habitat.

VCIH’s herbal display garden will consist of two twenty-five-foot by six-foot garden beds. Because a large portion of the garden will be shaded, shade-loving species such as blue cohosh, trillium, wild ginger, maidenhair fern, partridge berry, mayapple and Oregon grape will be included. Student and client volunteers will help prepare the beds and plant and maintain the garden each season.

With the creation of a medicinal herb display garden, VCIH aims to increase community awareness of at-*risk plants and provide an educational tool for the conservation curriculum already in place at VCIH. The garden will enrich their current educational programming, from community workshops and short courses to VCIH’s family and clinical herbalist training programs.

The garden will not only benefit VCIH students, but herbal clinic clients as well. The medicinal herb garden will enrich the experience of VCIH clients by providing a garden learning space. Through the display garden, clients will have a tactile experience with plants perhaps recommended to them, and may also find inspiration to grow these herbs in their own gardens and backyards.

Congratulations Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism and thank you for your efforts in creating habitat and educating the public and your clients about ‘At-Risk’ native medicinal plants. We salute you!

For more information about Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, please visit them online here. For more information about United Plant Savers Community Grants Program click here or contact our office:

Photo: Larken Bunce, VCIH faculty and a student Kate Westdijk stand in front of clinic where garden will be planted.