Previous Grant Recipients

Grant Recipient SignMany United Plant Savers members do not realize that not only do we seek out grants, donations, and other forms of funding, but we are also the source of funding for several community replanting projects each year in the form of The United Plant Savers Community Grants.

In order to qualify, grant proposals must come from a current UpS member, be community oriented, educational in nature, and there must be some return to United Plant Savers and our mission.  This can be in the form of seeds, research results, or reporting of the project that could be of value to UpS and our members.  For more specific guidelines please visit our Community Grant page.

 2015 United Plants Savers Community Grants…

Luna Farm Herb Gardens and Botanical Sanctuary

Kristine Brown, along with her partner Greg, and their children will be using the UpS Community Grant to help fund the creation of a medicinal woodland native garden.  They intend to use the garden to teach their community about the importance of sustaining and creating more woodland habitat and saving threatened native plants from extinction.

Great Parks of Hamilton County Ohio/Glenwood Gardens Scent Garden

Doug Stevenson and his staff at Glenwood Gardens had been searching for ways to improve the Scent Garden within it’s Highland Discovery Garden.  Improving the Scent Garden will be an excellent opportunity for children to learn about plants for the first time and to have experiences that could instill a lifelong appreciation for the world around them.


Herbstalk is envisioning a garden project through which they create small, urban, container plantings of herbs in the Boston, Cambridge, and Summerville, MA region.  These containers will serve aesthetic and educational purposes with the specific goal of building more awareness around medicinal plants.  They will function as an extension of  Herbstalk’s educational mission and will offer learning opportunities for the community.

Three Leaf Farm

Sara Martinelli’s Three Leaf Farm Nature trail is used for teaching purposes in the many workshops and classes held at the farm.  In 2013 Boulder County experienced one of the most damaging floods in recent history.  The nature trail was completely wiped out and Three Leaf Farm intends on using their UpS Community Grant to purchase medicinal plant material and seeds to reestablish the trail and the herbs they lost.

Old Ways Herbal

Juliette and Henry Carr intend to use the UpS Community Grant to create an educational botanical sanctuary to further their stewardship and preservation goals.   The educational botanical sanctuary will be an important illustration of stewardship for their herbal and homesteading classes, on farm education with local schools, and other community groups that use their classroom.

Wild Ozark, LLC

Wild Ozark is a new, licensed, ginseng nursery and information resource.   They are working in conjunction with Peel–Compton Gardens of Bentonville, AR to install an instructional ginseng habitat.  The project will benefit the community by offering a hands-on outdoor and indoor classroom experience for learning how to grow and steward American ginseng and it’s indicator plants.  Wild Ozark’s owner, Madison Woods, looks forward to teaching people how to manage and tend virtually wild and wild ginseng in a sustainable, responsible way.

United Plant Savers is grateful to have the opportunity to provide grant funding to these worthy projects and we look forward to the 2016 Community Grant Program.  Anyone interested in submitting a grant proposal for 2016 should visit the Community Grants page.  And please consider becoming a member of United Plant Savers.  These grants would not be possible without the generosity of our members.