Save the Date for the 15th International Herb Symposium - June 10-13, 2021
Virtual 15th International Herb Symposium
Goldenseal Summit 2020 - Full Replay

Goldenseal Summit 2020 – Full Replay

A Round Table Discussion on the Future of Goldenseal Sponsored by The North Carolina Ginseng Association, Living Web Farms, and United Plant Savers The North Carolina Ginseng Association, United Plant Savers, and Living Web Farms put together an online event to capture the opinions and recommendations of a broad cross-section of experts and producers of Goldenseal. The virtual event took place on April 22, 2020. There were round table discussions that were recorded and edited …
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Rosemary Gladstar

The Herbal Journey Continues at the 15th International Herb Symposium

By Susan Leopold The International Herb Symposium is an iconic herbal gathering that has taken place in New England for 30 years. Founded by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, the Symposium is where the seed of United Plant Savers was sprouted in 1994 after Rosemary posed the question to the herbalists, seed collectors, growers, harvesters, formulators, herbal educators and entrepreneurs gathered: Should we start raising awareness and protecting wild populations of native medicinal plants? The answer was …
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Venus Flytrap

Trapped in the Goddess’s Mousetrap

Our choice to highlight Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) on our 2021 Valentine’s Day cards was inspired by the article, “Trapped in the Goddess’s Mousetrap: Equitable Solutions for Poverty Poaching of Venus Flytraps” by Katrina Outland (2018). This article dives into the legal aspects of both the Endangered Species Act and the Lacey Act as the main plant protection laws. Katrina points out that federal plant protection is sparse. An aspect of her in-depth research that …
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accepting submissions

Call for Member Contributions to the Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation

2021 Theme: Forests and Community From forest bathing to carbon sequestration, we know our future and that of medicinal plants depend on healthy forests. Science is just beginning to unravel how forest ecosystems communicate, demonstrating that forests are a functioning community of resource sharing that depends on a sophisticated interconnected network of mutual collaboration. In many ways, the vibrant community of plant savers is a reflection of this mycelium energy that empowers social and ecological …
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