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Ingrid With Plants

Making Plant Medicine Sustainable: From Wildcrafting to Organic Cultivation

Author: Ingrid Bauer. Five Flavors Herbs was founded with a vision to improve the health of people, the planet, and our communities by trusting the wisdom of nature. When we first began making herbal extracts 20 years ago, our audience was small, and we grew or wildcrafted many of the plants we used. We traveled up and down the West Coast to the same stands of wild plants each year: St. John’s wort, osha, yerba …
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In the News: Ecological and Ethical Problems of ‘Smudging’

Sage advice: The ecological and ethical problems of ‘smudging’ Published on October 1, 2020 article by Taylar Dawn Stagner, provides important perspective on the wild sage harvest in California. Taylar Stagner is from the Wind River Indian Reservation and is currently getting her masters in American Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University. Stagner is Shoshone and Arapaho and loves to write fiction as well. High County News is a wonderful publication to follow and …
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Farmers Head Into the Woods by Jane Tanner

Farmers Head Into the Woods by Jane Tanner

Here’s a great article by Jane Turner discussing agroforestry growing as a way to diversify farms. She includes many examples of farmers who have begun incorporating and benefiting from its practice — taking pressure off wild populations at the same time. Download PDF Here Originally published in Growing for Market, Vol. 29 / Issue 9 …
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BY JOSHUA HARKNESS Why must we think so poorly of wild plants? We dismiss them merely as “weeds”; we think of them as insignificant foreigners in our lawns, gardens and other manicured “landscapes”. We see them as a threat to the aesthetical appeal of the sterile environments we are so fond of creating. These are not invaders taking over our artificial spaces, rather we are the invaders who have so indiscriminately taken from them their …
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