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appalachian woodlands


By Joe Pigmon with Kate Farley Those of us who love Appalachian woodland medicinal herbs often hear stories about the men and women who have harvested these plants from the wild for generations. Sometimes these stories blame traditional herb harvesters for the declining abundance of our beloved plants. We hear about diggers who take plants indiscriminately without a care for future generations. Some people think of the many negative assumptions about poor Appalachians and assume …
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Goldenseal Summit 2020

Goldenseal Summit 2020

A Round Table Discussion on the Future of Goldenseal Sponsored by The North Carolina Ginseng Association, Living Web Farms, and United Plant Savers – The North Carolina Ginseng Association, United Plant Savers, and Living Web Farms put together an online event to capture the opinions and recommendations of a broad cross-section of experts and producers of Goldenseal. The virtual event took place on April 22, 2020. There were round table discussions that were recorded and …
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heart springs sanctuary


Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Sanctuary Steward: Jen Frey In 2014, heartbroken, I sold my beloved farm. This was the place that helped my life-long affair with Plants bloom into something deeper and pushed me down my Soul’s path. I loved the farm—it was where my babies grew and explored. It was where I discovered many dreams as well as illusions. As I mourned the “loss” of my farm, I kept hearing, “There is a better place.” …
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The Forest Farmers Handbook

The Forest Farmers Handbook by Rural Action and UpS – Free PDF Now Available

A Beginners Guide to Growing and Marketing At-Risk Forest Herbs If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in forest farming. And if not, perhaps you should be—forest farming can provide economic opportunities to the forest landowner or land steward while also providing significant environmental benefits, such as preserving forest cover and enhancing biodiversity through the reintroduction and establishment of new populations of at-risk forest herbs. So, whether you’re interested in earning a supplemental income from …
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