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white pine pond


Natural Bridge, New York Sanctuary Steward: Diane Seufert Tait White Pine Pond at Eden Hyll My sanctuary is in a forest that covers thousands of acres, crossing roads and streams, and comprises state forest, private holdings, and towns. I am twenty miles from the green line of the Adirondack Park, the largest national park in the USA. Over the last three centuries, a complex “woods culture” has developed based on mutually agreed practices. Life can …
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oat seed


Oat Seed (Avena sativa) Pangaea Plants, Lake Lure, NC Sanctuary Steward: Gabriel Noard When I wake up, it’s still dark out. If the sun is up before I am, I think I am already late. The day has started without me. No matter though, there’s work to be done and songs to be sung. Not that I am good at that or go about merrily singing. But as my intelligence knows, Song and Voice are …
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Iris (Iris spp.) Ontario, Canada Sanctuary Steward: Penelope Beaudrow Deep within my soul I have a love of plants and nature so deep that they are a part of me, not knowing where one begins and the other stops. I have a constant yearning to be out of doors, see the land awaken after a long cold winter, feel the warm winds upon my face, and hear the geese flying overhead and walking with my …
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COMPENDIUM: Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation - Free PDFs Now Available

COMPENDIUM: Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation – Free PDFs Now Available

This is United Plant Savers’ complete collection of The Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation. In honor of the organization’s 25th anniversary, we have published all twenty issues together in two volumes. Click below to order individual volumes in paperback on UpS Journal Compendium 2000-2019 – Volume 1 (paperback) UpS Journal Compendium 2000-2019 – Volume 2 (paperback) ~ OR ~ NEW! Download a FREE PDF Version Below UpS Journal Compendium 2000-2019 – Volume 1 (36.7 MB) UpS …
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