Become an Herbal Business Member

Benefits of Becoming an Herbal Business Member

Business Members have a unique opportunity to educate their customers about issues surrounding the sustainable supply of our native medicinal plants. In addition to the regular membership benefits, Business Members may take advantage of the following:

  • Planting the Future events: You are entitled to two attendees at the member entrance price. If you are a sponsor of the specific event, you will receive two passes free of charge, as well as booth space at the event.
  • Distinction as a Corporate Member: We will send you a ‘frame-worthy’ Certificate of Business Membership. Your business will be listed as a Business Member on our website and in our annual Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation. We will reach out to your business through social media so you can receive recognition of your Business Membership through our active social media channels (Facebook and Pinterest).
  • Education Outreach: Please send us information about educational events, classes, and workshops that would be of interest to our membership. We will help spread the word through the ‘Travel and Learning’ page of our website and on our Social Media channels (FacebookPinterest). Please understand, however, that as a non-profit organization dedicated to education, we are not in the position to endorse your products or services. However, we desire to support outreach initiatives that align with our educational mission.
  • Showing your customers and clients you care: United Plant Savers logo signifying your Corporate Membership is downloadable from our website and includes hyperlink html to direct your customers to our website. This is a fantastic way to show your customers that you care and are actively engaged with our organization and dedicated to the conservation ethic behind sustainable harvesting and sourcing of medicinal plants. If you would like to present information about UpS in your case packs, newsletters or promotional literature, please ask us and we will send or design appropriate graphics or documents for your use.