Acme, Pennsylvania Sanctuary Stewards: Sara Shoemaker and Thomas Brown We are Sara Shoemaker and Thomas Brown of Forsaken Roots in Acme, Pennsylvania. Our farm’s name, “Forsaken Roots” comes from the idea of lost or forgotten ways. It applies to us in more ways than one could ever imagine. From our home, to our property, our antique letterpress/block printing studio, to our 1952 Ford F-1 pickup truck, we are immersed in revitalizing what is already here ...
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7 Acre Wood Farm Botanical Sanctuary

Burnsville, Virginia Sanctuary Stewards: Anne Bryan and Joe Murray Anne smelling black cohosh flowers This is how a 7-acre botanical sanctuary can help heal a community’s people and soil. Last year was our first year as a member in the Botanical Sanctuary Network. Receiving formal recognition from United Plant Savers and seeing our name listed with the other like-minded conservationists across North America made us feel a difference in how we related to the land ...
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Walker Mountain Botanical Sanctuary (2018 update)

Ginseng in the fall Deerfield, Virginia Sanctuary Stewards: Shay and Kim Clanton and family It is early February at Walker Mountain Botanical Sanctuary, close to the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. This has been a cold winter, and it is comforting to think that we are headed towards spring and the emergence of the vibrant green world. We are happy to write that, in 2016, we were able to purchase an ...
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Sacred Plant Sanctuary at Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy

Sacred Plant Sanctuary at Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy

Seattle, Washington Sanctuary Steward: Aylee Welch, LICSW Sacred Plant Sanctuary at Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy Devil’s club, a Pacific Northwest powerhouse Solomon’s seal Blue cohosh Osha Exquisite black cohosh blooms Schizandra blooms The great magical mandrake Maidenhair fern, an at-risk beauty ...
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Sisters Sanctuary

Guilford, Vermont Sanctuary Steward: Martha Rabinowitz This is land that was used by a dairy farm for pasture, corn, and hay. Over the years the forest has returned, maple with beech, hemlock, pine, and birch. I am starting to turn my attention to medicine from trees, but I am just a beginner at that. Some acres here are still hayed, certified organic, and that is where I gather many herbs such as alfalfa (Medicago sativa), ...
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The Ginkgo Tree Botanical Sanctuary

Dogwood and Brambles Farm, Ontario Canada Sanctuary Stewards: Penelope Beaudrow and Will Hutchison My partner and I live on a lovely little farm called Dogwood and Brambles in central Ontario. This farm has been my personal sanctuary for over thirty years. It is part of me, and I am part of it. Will and I are at our happiest roaming the fields and bush with our dogs, Fred, Gus, and Pearl while identifying and picking ...
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Gaspereau Mountain Herb Farm and Botanical Sanctuary

Gaspereau Mountain Herb Farm and Botanical Sanctuary Gaspereau Mountain, Nova Scotia Sanctuary Stewards: John Cummings and Vaunda MacDonald As I ponder the concept of sanctuary, feelings of safety and protection resonate inside. These feelings are commonplace throughout this land. Perhaps it’s the location. At an altitude of 650 ft., the Gaspereau Mountain Herb Farm and Botanical Sanctuary is nestled at the top of the northernmost range of the Appalachian Mountains. Gaspereau Mountain overlooks the agriculturally ...
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