Call for Articles: 2020 Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation

IUCN MPSG logoDear Friends and Members of the IUCN Medicinal Plant Specialist Group,

The time has come to collect new articles for United Plant Savers’ annual Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation, joining with the MPSG’s Medicinal Plant Conservation newsletter, to be published in Spring 2020. We invite all members of the IUCN MPSG to tell their stories and share their knowledge and experiences in this upcoming issue that will be shared at the Conservation Congress.

We would like to highlight creative solutions to the conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants from countries working to achieve Convention on Biological Diversity and Sustainable Development goals. We would also like to bring attention to commerce that is having a positive impact on communities and community health of people and plants.


IUCN MPSG, impactful stories for MAP (Medicinal and Aromatic Plants)

Submission Deadline:

December 15, 2019

Submission Guidelines:

  • All documents must be in WORD (.doc, .docx, .rtf) format.
  • Please limit the word count to 500 or less. If your article is longer we will edit it to fit available space. Longer stories can be requested for consideration. Please let us know if you would like to see edits before we go to print.
  • We ask that you cite your references in APA format with (author, date). Examples can be found in our past Journals.
  • Please submit an author bio and be sure to include author information (names, affiliations, corresponding author email).
  • Consider attaching a photo to accompany your piece. Please submit high-res photos for print. Please provide captions for your photos.
  • All submissions should be emailed to by December 15, 2019.