For countless communities around the world, the presence of medicinal plants and the traditional knowledge of their properties and uses are crucial factors for ensuring health and prosperity.

We must act on a worldwide basis to ensure resilience and health for future generations.

Sacred Seeds is a global non-profit creating and supporting plant sanctuaries that address the rapid loss of biodiversity and cultural knowledge through living gardens, containing locally important plants focused on medicinals but including those of ceremonial, food, and craft use.

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A Language For Grief

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Encounters with life and death as a Deep Ecology artist-in-residence at United Plant Savers by Colleen Leonardi It’s a green day in early June with blue sky above and 379 acres of botanical sanctuary below. These Appalachian foothills at the United Plant Savers (UpS) Sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio rise and drop with enough horizons to …

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Take A Journey Through The Senses Of Your Elements At Ocean Forest’s Ethnobotanical And Permaculture Gardens On The Osa Peninsula In Costa Rica


by Jonathon Miller Weisberger Now reaching into 20 years, the extensive gardens at Ocean Forest Ecolodge harbor hundreds of species of native and rare ethnobotanical treasures from Central and South America as well as the Asian Tropics. These include fruit trees that guests enjoy seasonally, aromatic herbs, medicinal and sacramental plants, detox bitters, emollients, and …

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The Sacred Seeds Ethnobotanical Trail At Bastyr University: Lessons Learned In Decolonizing An Established Native Plant Garden

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Kenmore, Washington Sanctuary Steward: Katie Vincent At Bastyr University we teach integrative medicine— where the best of western medicine and natural healing modalities come together to create an approach to health and wellness that is more holistic and representative of the complex, collaborative ecosystems we are a part of. The gardens at Bastyr are an …

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The Frlht-tdu Story Of Conservation And Sustainable Use Of Medicinal Flora


By Darshan Shankar 1. THE PRIMACY OF MEDICINAL FLORA IN FOREST HABITATS A little known fact regarding the species composition of Indian forest flora is that 40-70% of the flora across ecosystems and all the six vegetation types viz., tropical evergreen rain forests, deciduous or monsoon type of forests, principal dry deciduous forests and scrubs, …

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News From Holt Wood Herbs


by Anne Stobart A medicinal forest garden in the UK Anne Stobart is a clinical herbal practitioner and grower based in the UK. She was an intern at the Ohio Botanical Sanctuary in autumn 2010. She says, “In Ohio, I gained a deep respect for the plants and the people struggling to protect them and …

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Native Forest Foundation: Conserving & Popularizing Wild Fruits in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with rich biodiversity–about 3368 plant species belonging to 1294 genera and 132 families have been identified, and around 800 of these are endemic to Sri Lanka (Rajapakse, 1998). Most of these plants were utilized in building healthy rural communities under the precise guidance of traditional local healers, members of the …

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A Golden Opportunity

The Sacred Seeds Program, supported by New Chapter, sponsored the Nurturing Your Botanical Sanctuary workshop. This event took place on October 1st and 2nd, with experts, academics, and land stewards convened at Goldenseal Sanctuary in Rutland Ohio, which is the headquarters of the United Plant Savers (UPS) network. Their uniting force was a workshop focused …

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United Plant Savers and Sacred Seeds Join Forces

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United Plant Savers merged with Sacred Seeds in 2015. Sacred Seeds is a global network of botanical sanctuaries preserving biodiversity and plant knowledge through living gardens, containing locally important plants focused on medicinals but including those of ceremonial, food, and craft use. The Sacred Seeds network started with the medicinal plant garden located at Finca …

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