For countless communities around the world, the presence of medicinal plants and the traditional knowledge of their properties and uses are crucial factors for ensuring health and prosperity.

We must act on a worldwide basis to ensure resilience and health for future generations.

Sacred Seeds is a global non-profit creating and supporting plant sanctuaries that address the rapid loss of biodiversity and cultural knowledge through living gardens, containing locally important plants focused on medicinals but including those of ceremonial, food, and craft use.

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The Sacred Seeds Challenge Winners Visit the First Sanctuary at Finca Luna Nueva


At Sacred Seeds, we are thrilled to hear the stories of people around the world taking the initative to save their native medicinal plant species. In 2010 we partnered with Organic Gardening Magazine, calling out to ethnobotanical heroes to share their efforts with us. The results were tremendous! There is truly an global effort happening …

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Hosagunda, India joins Sacred Seeds

Nonprofit organization builds strength in preserving therapeutic and sustainable plant species (ST. LOUIS, MO. USA): Sacred Seeds, a non-profit organization committed to preserving both sacred medicinal plant species and the ancient wisdom about their therapeutic and sustainable use, is pleased to announce that Sri Uma Maheshwara Seva Trust (“Hosagunda”), in the state of Karnataka, India, …

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HerbalGram No. 87 – Plants of Semillas Sagradas

In 1994, Paul Schulick, founder of the herb and dietary supplement company New Chapter (Brattleboro, VT), established Finca Luna Nueva, an organic farm, in the volcanic rainforest of northern Costa Rica. Its mission is the organic production of tropical plants for use in New Chapter’s products. A decade later, through the enthusiasm and commitment of …

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Missouri Botanical Garden Spring Bulletin

Garden scientists in 36 nations around the globe discover over 200 new plants per year! Every single one – from the tiniest orchid to the largest tree – helps fill gaps in our knowledge about the history of the earth and the biology of its organisms. Once scientifically documented, plants can be analyzed for medicinal …

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ISE Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3

For two decades, the International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE) has actively promoted and supported the inextricable linkages between biological and cultural diversity and the vital role of Indigenous and local peoples in stewardship of biological diversity and cultural heritage, which includes recognition of land and resource rights, as well as rights and responsibilities over tangible …

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