Catskill Herbal Apprenticeship

​The Catskill Herbal Apprenticeship consists of once-a-month weekends (May – October) in Big Indian, NY that will cover the medicinal uses of herbs in the traditions of Chinese medicine and Native American medicine with a focus on local wild herbs. Alongside botany walks and medicine making opportunities, classes will focus on local herbs as they were used by Lenape and other Native tribes and how local herbs are used in Chinese herbal medicine. Clinical assessment is an additional focus, which includes abdomen, tongue, and pulse diagnosis in the style of the Far East.

The Catskill Apprenticeship weekends are May 25th – 27th, June 22nd – 24th, July 20th – 22nd, August 24th – 26th, September 14th – 16th, and October 19th – 21st.

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