Cedar Spring Herb Farm

Harwich, MA
Sanctuary Steward: Donna Wood Eaton

This 7 acre farm, bounded by town-owned “Greenspace” and privately owned undeveloped woodlands is the home of Cedar Spring Herb Farm. Comprised of 4 acres of wooded uplands with 1 ½ acres vernal pool and 1 ½ acres cedar swamp, many wild plants thrive in this specific habitat: pink ladies slipper, pipsissewa, wintergreen, high and lowbush blueberries, sweet fern, cedar, pine, oak and poke root. Mosses, ferns, lichens and fungi abound. Under cultivation are black and blue cohoshes, bloodroot, solomon’s seal and many other medicinal herbs as well.

Programs at the farm include all levels of herbology, earth-centered spirituality, personal development and organic gardening as well as programs about United Plant Savers. Trails exist around the cedar swamp and vernal pool for identification walks in wild habitats making opportunities for community involvement in the sanctuary as well as eco-tourism on Cape Cod.