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Forest Bathing: Staying Connected in Current Times

By Teri “Cricket” Owens RN, BSN, MS “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” –John Burroughs, American naturalist and nature essayist 1837-1921 “All around you are spirits, child. They live in the earth, the water, the sky. If you listen, they will guide you.” – Grandmother Willow in Disney’s Pocohontas Many cultures have long recognized the importance of staying connected to the natural world to ...
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Living Trees as Our Teachers and Friends

By Rhonda Mae PallasDowney Living as Human Adaptors Relaxing and reflecting on various herbs, flowers, trees, and plants, their uses, and my relationship to them this past summer touched a place inside of me that continues to guide my inquiry into the field of adaptogens. All the while, I was experiencing an adaptation of my own that included the awareness of my lifestyle and all that it encompasses. The mindfulness of the changing of the ...
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Michael examining the understory

Creating New Forests for Medicinal Plants

By Michael Pilarski Michael examining the understory in his 25-year old medicinal agroforestry planting. Black cohosh, Viola odorata, and many species of tree seedlings. United Plant Savers has done great work with 1) preserving what we currently have; and 2) encouraging more farming of medicinal plants to reduce wildcrafting pressures, 3) encouraging forest-grown herbs. Here are a few thoughts on a 4th way: Creating new forests for medicinal production and wildcrafting habitat. We can use ...
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An American chestnut resprout on Long Island, NY. This is most likely a remnant of what was once a healthy tree a century ago.

Reviving the American Chestnut – Restoring Abundance in Mid-Atlantic Forests by Planting Trees With Kids!

By Joseph Resch & Lauren Krumm An American chestnut resprout on Long Island, NY. This is most likely a remnant of what was once a healthy tree a century ago. Bringing Back a Keystone Species: Imagine a woodland of towering trees, some over one hundred feet tall with trunks up to fifteen feet across, and a thick layer of delicious nuts blanketing its floor. The creatures bustle about, gathering as much of the precious food ...
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Deep in the Forest: The Co-Evolution of Communication

By Bevin Cohen Spring 2020 Truly fascinating, the relationships amongst plants. Many volumes have been written and sold on the topic of companion planting, the theory that growing certain species in close proximity to each other is somehow beneficial to one or both of the plants. This is sometimes attributed to one plant’s ability to attract certain insects or deter unwanted pests or sometimes, it’s almost as if the two species are engaged in some ...
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Chaga and Birch: A Meditation on Relationship

By Vanessa Chakour Chaga in Scotland Early in 2020, I began a retreat into my own creative cocoon to work on my upcoming book, Awakening Artemis. I unplugged, pulled back, and entered my own world and invited memories to come through me, calling forth the experiences that wanted to be processed or celebrated on the page. I was around few humans in Western Massachusetts and the Scottish Highlands where I wrote the bulk of the ...
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Herbalism Survival in Refugee Familes

By Rachel Thomas In homes all around the world, traditional plant wisdom is still respected and used every day. From the plants on their plates that nourish them, to the teas in their cups, humans have relied on plant medicine as the key to a healthy life since the beginning of humanity. For some families, wellness tools are easily passed down through the generations. For others, like my family, modern challenges have made it almost ...
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