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spring seeds 2020 white sage

2020 Spring Seeds & Sticker Sale for Members

This year we have decided to challenge our members to grow white sage (Salvia apiana) in an effort to combat the trends of overharvesting and illegal harvesting on public lands. To read more about this issue click here. Common sage can also be used in place of white sage to burn and it’s a wonderful culinary and medicinal herb. We thought it would be good to offer two hefty packets of both white sage and ...
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Ethnobotanists Rafael Ocampo and Luis POveda

Sacred Seeds at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge

Ethnobotanists Rafael Ocampo and Luis Poveda in the Sacred Seeds Sanctuary I’m convinced the place is a magnet, attracting us to it. What other explanation can there be? Consider this: about ten years ago, Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle, a respected therapist, teacher, and author, visited Finca Luna Nueva. My wife Terry and I met her at breakfast one morning and we asked her why she decided to visit our ecolodge. That’s a question we delight in ...
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We Did It!

We EXCEEDED our goal for the Hope for Hydrastis Project!

THANK YOU – What a way to start the decade! Thanks to an overwhelming response from our wonderful community of plant lovers (350 of you, in fact), we EXCEEDED our goal for the Hope for Hydrastis Project! The anonymous donor who generously offered to match your gifts up to $25,000 was so in awe of your support that he has agreed to match the full amount of $30,376. That means together we’ve raised $60,752 to ...
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Leaf People skincare giveaway

Matching $ from Leaf People to Support the Sandalwood Project

Help support the Sandalwood Project! Leaf People Skincare is generously offering a dollar-for-dollar match campaign to generate funds for the Hawaiian Sandalwood Project. This project focuses on the reforestation of indigenous Sandalwood on the Big Island in Hawaii, which has been ravaged by overharvesting and is recognized as an at-risk species by UpS. To learn more about the conservation issues surround sandalwood, read the in-depth article from HerbalGram here. MAKE A DONATION ...
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Forest Grown Verification Program

Introducing the Forest Grown Verification Program

The PCO Forest Grown Verification Program was established in 2014 with the purpose of creating a voluntary, third-party verification for non-timber forest grown products that are produced and harvested in a sustainable and legal manner. This program benefits producers by building consumer confidence, demand, and premium pricing; protecting forest “crop” in the event of theft, land development and legal matters through documentation; and may provide exemptions around wild stewarding plants. The program standards currently apply ...
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