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Mail-In Membership

You may also join us by mailing a check in the appropriate amount to: United Plant Savers, PO Box 147, Rutland, OH 45775.

Please include your Full Name, Mailing Address, Email Address, and Phone Number (optional). Herbal Businesses and Educators should include their Company/School Name and Website URL in addition to the items above.

What your membership dollars support

  • General operating costs
  • Subsidizing the Medicinal Plant Conservation Certificate Program
  • Funding research on ‘At-Risk’ medicinal plants
  • Provides funds for ‘Planting the Future’ events and workshops
  • Ongoing habitat restoration and preservation at our Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary and beyond

Benefits of becoming a member of UpS

  • Receive the annual Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation
  • Participate in Spring and Fall dispersals of seeds/plants for replanting purposes
  • Access our directory of nurseries, seed sources, and farms that supply “at-risk” herbs
  • Receive discounts to Planting the Future conferences and other herbal events
  • Become eligible for community grants and other benefits

PLUS members receive the following discounts

Formed in the spirit of hope, United Plant Savers is a group of plant enthusiasts committed to raising public awareness of the plight of our wild medicinal plants and to protecting these plants through organic cultivation, sustainable agricultural practices, and the replanting of native medicinal species back into their natural habitats. Our goal is to ensure that these valuable medicinal plants will be preserved for our grandchildren and our grandchildren's grandchildren.

Our membership reflects the great diversity of American herbalism and includes wildcrafters, seed collectors, manufacturers, growers, botanists, researchers, practitioners, medicine makers, educators and plant lovers from all walks of life. We are grateful for your support of our mission to Plant the Future! Should you have any questions about the joining process or membership, in general, please contact our main office at