Ginseng Seeds for Non-Members (includes 1 Year UpS Membership)


1 oz / 30 grams (around 400 seeds).

1-year membership to UpS with all benefits is included to qualify you for the purchase of these member only seeds.

Includes shipping.

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These seeds were grown on a farm in Wisconsin, so if you already have wild ginseng growing on your land we recommend not planting this seed in the same vicinity. This will protect the unique local genetics of wild ginseng.

What your membership dollars support

  • General operating costs
  • Subsidizing the Medicinal Plant Conservation Certificate Program
  • Funding research on ‘At-Risk’ medicinal plants
  • Provides funds for ‘Planting the Future’ events and workshops
  • Ongoing habitat restoration and preservation at our Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary and beyond

Benefits of becoming a member of UpS

  • Receive the annual Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation
  • Participate in Spring and Fall dispersals of seeds/plants for replanting purposes
  • Access our directory of nurseries, seed sources, and farms that supply “at-risk” herbs
  • Receive discounts to Planting the Future conferences and other herbal events
  • Become eligible for community grants and other benefits

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