Black Cohosh Extract 1 oz.


Equinox Botanicals Black Cohosh Extract

Black Cohosh is an At-Risk plant that has been and continues to be overharvested from the wild. The Black Cohosh in our extract was intentionally grown in our shade house or forest so you can feel great about purchasing this plant product from us. Each fall, after the Black Cohosh has gone to seed, we harvest and macerate the fresh rhizomes & rootlets, and always plant part of the rhizome back, ensuring a sustainable supply for the future.

Black Cohosh has traditionally been used to soothe muscular-skeletal pain, back pain & spasm, and menstrual cramps. It has also been used to support the female reproductive system and women in menopause.*


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Ingredients: Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa)- Fresh Rhizome and Rootlets.

Also Contains: Organic Grain Alcohol 70%

Suggested Use: 3-4 times per day take 5-15 drops in 1 oz. of water if desired.