Goldenseal Extract 1 oz.


Equinox Botanicals Goldenseal Extract

Goldenseal has traditionally been used to support the health of the upper respiratory tract, digestive tract, immune system, and mucous membranes. *

Goldenseal rhizomes are a brilliant orange color due to containing the alkaloid Berberine, they have an extremely bitter taste, and have a cup-like scar that resembles an old wax seal, hence the name “Golden Seal”. Goldenseal is an At-Risk plant and should not be wild harvested. Our extract is made from organically shade house and forest grown goldenseal.

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Ingredients: Organically shade house and forest grown goldenseal rhizome and rootlets (Hydrastis canadensis)

Also Contains: Organic Grain Alcohol 60%, Spring Water

Suggested Use: 3-4 times per day take 15 drops in 1 oz. of water if desired. Shake well before using.

Not for use during pregnancy or lactation.