Thank you for helping us build the Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation

Stand Up for Sustainable Appalachian Medicine & Become a Permanent Part of the UpS Botanical Sanctuary

United Plant Savers is proud to announce the capital campaign for our long awaited Educational & Research Center. With your donation and participation, you will be an integral part of this incredibly important center for plant conservation and medicinal plant preservation.

Join us for The Roadmap Climate Challenge:

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Simply put, it is a capacity building and fundraising competition for climate, conservation, environmental and related non-profit organizations. The four-week Challenge runs from Thursday, April 20th at 12 pm ET through Thursday, May 18th at 1:59:59 pm ET and $300,000 in prize money, with grand prizes ranging from $10,000 to $100,000, will be given away to participating charities.

What for?

Our future forests are our best solution for climate resilience – trees are medicine for planet Earth and we are saving the forest by redefining its value!

Help United Plant Savers save the medicine of the forests and revive cultural traditions in the Appalachian region! When you support this challenge, you help us build the Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation at our botanical sanctuary, and reignite regenerative forest farming traditions through innovative educational events such as the Future of Ginseng and Forest Botanicals Symposium.

Appalachia is THE hot spot for medicinal plant diversity – yet our botanical wealth is disappearing. The history of folk medicine in Appalachia has taken many twists and turns. Once a sacred tradition, the respectful harvesting of medicinal plants has now evolved into a dire situation for many species due to habitat loss and over-harvesting of the remaining populations – all compounded by the economic challenges of the region.

United Plant Savers is the only organization of its kind advocating for the conservation of native medicinal plants. Our 360-acre Botanical Sanctuary in Rutland Ohio is the first center to be placed under conservation easement for the protection, research and education of at-risk medicinal plants of the Appalachian region – we are a model for Native Medicinal Plant-based economic redevelopment.

We need to raise the value of what lies beneath the canopy in order to save what canopy remains. Charting a new path for the plants and the people, our organization empowers land stewards to protect their valuable medicinal resources through our growing network of botanical sanctuaries and educational partners.

Building upon these successes, we bring our focus to the vital medicines of the Appalachian region, teaching regenerative forest farming of native botanicals to empower an herbal economic renaissance that concurrently protects this fragile habitat. Through your support, we will fulfill this mission through the launch of the Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation at our botanical sanctuary in Ohio.

The forest floor cries for the bounty that once blanketed its floor, and yearns for the love of its keepers. We need you to stand up for the plants that heal the land and heal the people. This CrowdRise campaign will help us grow the forest farming collective of native Appalachian medicinal plants, and build The Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation.

Donation Levels & Benefits:

  • $35 – Annual membership to United Plant Savers.
  • $75 – Scholarship for forest farmer to attend “The Future of Ginseng and Forest Botanicals Symposium”
  • $100 – Membership plus “If you listen they will teach you” Poster. Helps sponsor a new botanical sanctuary to join our network.
  • $200 – Membership and a name of your choosing to be memorialized in our medicinal plant garden. Provides funds to help us build the Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation.
  • $400 – Herbal Business membership and name listed in our medicinal plant garden to help fund the Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation
  • $500 – Weekend at the sanctuary for up to ten people, with a guided hike.
  • $700 – Sponsors a scholarship to our six-week program for an intern to earn their “Certificate in Medicinal Plant Conservation”.
  • $1000 – Lifetime member. Supports our research projects in forest farming and our living collection of native medicinal plants.
  • $10,000 – Listed as a foundational donor to making the Center for Medicinal Plants come alive and thrive.

The Medicinal Plant Conservation Center is to be dedicated to Jim and Peggy Duke, a couple who has touched the lives of so many in the herbal community.