Visit the UpS Botanical Sanctuary

Lake View at United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary

Accepting visitors now!

We are booking overnight rentals in the yurt, tornado cabin and camping and guided tours. Please complete this form if you are interested in scheduling a visit. If you have any questions, email Katey at


We welcome visitors and can arrange both tours and visits.

Our members are encouraged to come and visit the sanctuary, and we invite others who visit to become members. If you are planning a day trip, please let us know ahead of time. We also have several rental options for overnight stays.

Overnight Rentals

Yurt: UpS members: $75 first night, $50 each additional night, (non-members add $35 to first night for membership)
Electricity, water. The yurt has fully equipped kitchen (large refrigerator, gas stove w/ovens), bathroom with shower and meeting/dining room w/ tables, chairs, couch, phone & wireless high-speed internet. Space can accommodate up to 20 people for meetings or retreats.

Tornado Cabin: UpS members $50 first night and $25 each additional night (non-members add $35 to first night for membership)
There is a private, primitive cabin in the woods with a full bed, nightstand and deck (no electric, no water). The “Tornado Cabin” is only accessible by foot and is a short walk in the woods from the yurt. Showers and toilets are in barn, one heated shower room w/two showers. Sink, laundry, and composting toilets in a separate room.

Camping: $15 for 1 person per night / $10 for each additional camper per night. Campsites subject to weather restrictions. We request that renters and campers carry out their trash and sweep and/or clean before leaving. Cleaning service available for a fee upon request. Availability is limited during regularly scheduled Intern Programs from mid-April to mid-June and from September to mid-October.

General House Rules for Guests

Please practice the Leave No Trace 7 Principles

Quiet Time: Between 10:30 PM and 7 AM

  1. Guests: A few guests are allowed with permission, guests must follow all house rules.
  2. Parties: Are only allowed with staff permission. We may be out in the woods, but we have many neighbors who would not appreciate loud noise.
  3. Illegal Substances: Absolutely not allowed. Possession or use is grounds for termination of your right to be here. Staff reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time.
  4. Pets: Unfortunately, not allowed. We LOVE them, but it is too difficult to manage animals around fragile plants.
  5. Swimming: Swimming is allowed in Heart Pond at your own risk. Please do not bathe in the pond. That is against the Leave No Trace principles.
  6. Campfire: No fires are allowed without staff permission! Any fires must be attended to at all times. Please follow the Leave No Trace principles for fires. We have 5-gallon buckets available, and one must be used to put out your fire. The fire must be cool when you leave it.
  7. Tools: PLEASE clean and return tools to their proper home in the barn after use. Always keep tool stable locked when not in use.
  8. Upon Leaving: Please clean up after yourself. Leave the facilities in the same shape, or better than you found it.
  9. Be courteous in all things. Share what can be shared. Respect what is not yours, inside and outside.

Schedule a Tour, Visit or Rental


United Plant Savers Main Office
740-742-3455 | | Box 147 Rutland, OH 45775

If you would like to contact Paul Strauss we can pass that message along to him, just send us an email.

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