Ginseng Expo

Ginseng Expo

UpS was one of the many sponsors of the Ginseng gathering December 7th-8th at the Mountain Horticultural Research Center in NC. Andy Hankins sadly passed away recently; he was an advocate for ginseng conservation, helping stewards of small farms like myself learn about planting ginseng. He also taught at UpS events and as an agricultural extension agent provided valuable information to many. The Ginseng Expo was dedicated to Andy Hankins and his efforts to help landowners grow wild-simulated ginseng in Virginia, which is now a key strategy for taking the pressure off of wild populations. Andy was a great teacher, a true plantsman and a strong advocate for helping small farmers make a living off their land. You can download his valuable research on ginseng and on growing cut flowers at this site:

The Ginseng Expo was organized with valuable panel discussions and in house voting on important conservation issues. Many important topics were discussed on the great need for conservation of ginseng, including where it is disappearing from our national parks. To find out more download the following .pdf of the article that appeared in the UpS Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation 2012.

HARVESTING OF MEDICINAL PLANTS IN THE SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS – is it a threat to the long-term viability of wild American ginseng populations in the National Parks and Forests, and the Southern Appalachians in general – the core of the species’ distribution?

by Janet Rock, Botanist, National Park Service, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Gary Kauffman, Botanist, US Forest Service, National Forests in North Carolina
Nora Murdock, Ecologist, National Park Service, Appalachian Highlands Inventory and Monitoring Network

Doug Elliott performed a great rendition of Ginseng (song by Jim Duke); watch it here.
Doug Elliott is storyteller, author and keeper of traditional ways, to purchase his books and DVD’s click here: