UpS Community Grants

Sacred Plant Sanctuary at Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy
Sacred Plant Sanctuary at Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy

Funds Available for Community Planting Projects

United Plant Savers has a fund designated for community planting projects. UpS guidelines require that the project have educational merit and have permission from the landowner for the project.

Community Grant Guidelines

The Executive Director and the Grant Committee will review submitted grant applications based on the criteria outlined below to determine which are the most qualified to receive UpS funding. The Executive Committee will assist her when needed. Grants may be paid in the form of plants, seeds and/or money, with amounts to be awarded determined by the Executive Director and Grant Committee.

  • All proposals must contain name, address, and email.
  • Proposal must include how the project will benefit the community.
  • Proposal must include what the project proposes to return to UpS.
  • Proposal must include the monetary value being requested and/or specific quantity and species of plants/seeds requested.

Considerations for Grants

  • Grant proposals must be community-oriented. Projects with the most benefit to the community shall be considered first. Grants are not given to benefit individuals or private enterprises (i.e. someone wants to plant ginseng for personal use on private land) but must serve the community.
  • Grant proposals must be educational in nature. Educational proposals will be considered primary. An example is a replanting project of “at-risk” plant species at a public school.
  • Granted funds should not be used to pay labor. Grant work is to be done on a volunteer basis. Exceptions may be presented to Committee for discussion.
  • If funds are being requested for the purchase of plant material, applicants must demonstrate an understanding of the appropriate growing conditions and ecology of the plant species being considered.
  • There must be some return to United Plant Savers. This may be in the form of seeds from the project donated back to UpS, research results, a photographic report of the project, or a written report that could be of value to other members, etc.
  • Grant recipient must be a current member of United Plant Savers.
  • Consideration for UpS Community Grants will be given first to Botanical Sanctuary Network members.
  • Initially, grants will range from $200-$500 to allow for several small community-based projects rather than one or two larger projects.
  • Please indicate to whom the check is to be made out to and where it is to be sent.**

Students from City High School in downtown Tucson introducing medicinal plants to their community garden
Students from City High School in downtown Tucson, introducing medicinal plants to their community garden.

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