Twin Star Herbal Education

Herbal Practice and Protocol

Twin Star Herbal Training Level II

When: December 2014

Beginning in November of 2014 the level two portion of Twin Star Herbal Studies will begin. We will be meeting for one full Saturday and one weekday evening a month December – April of 2015.

The class will be a total of 125 hours of combined classroom hours and home study and may be paired with our Costa Rica trip for an additional 75 hours in tropical herbalism.

Topics covered will include:

• Advanced herbal medicine making
• Pathology and protocol for common ailments and disease
• Materia medica on 50 + popular herbal remedies
• Herbal Case Studies
• Herbal Shamanism
• Botanical Illustration
• Wild Food feast

2014-15 Class Dates:

  • Saturdays (9-5) & Tuesdays (6-8:30)
  • December 6TH & 16TH
  • January 3 &13
  • February 7 & 10
  • March 7 & 17
  • April 4 & 14
  • May 2 & 12

*Please note Twin Star level one or another comparable herbal studies course is a pre-requisite for Twin Star level II.

The Art of Flower Essence Therapy
Offered by: Twin Star Herbal Education New Milford, CT
When: August – October, 2014

  • Weeknights 6-8:30
  • Tuesday August 26
  • Tuesday September 2
  • Tuesday September 16
  • Tuesday September 23
  • Wednesday October 1
  • And one Saturday, August 30th 10-2

A six class workshop offers an in depth explanation of Dr. Bach’s 38 original flower remedies. Topics covered include: the history of flower essences, how to use flower essences for people, pets and plants, making your own flower essences, case studies, flower essence consultations, chakra essences and more. This class is limited in size to insure intimacy and individual attention. The cost for the workshop is $475

Topics covered will include:

  • the history of flower essences
  • a slide show of the original 38 essences
  • the12 healers, the 38 essences & rescue remedy
  • the affects of flower essence therapy
  • practical uses and sensitivities
  • flower essence therapy for children, adults and pets
  • flower essences for acute trauma and disaster relief
  • making flower essences in the field
  • flower essences for each of the chakras
  • selecting remedies, consultations, case studies & more

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