Adirondack Botanical Sanctuary

Chateaugay, NY
Sanctuary Steward: Jane Desotelle

Determined to continue to live and work in the woods, I turned a hobby of collecting wild herb teas into a business in 1979. Without ever using the word sanctuary that is how I have used my land. My herb business was able to grow without using wild medicinal roots. The wild food walks I’ve held over the years have developed into plant appreciation walks with all class fees going towards plant protection. Living on dirt roads I have dug up many plants needing protection from roadside ditches and moved them to a safe place whether on my land or deeper into the woods.

As more people move into the area the need to protect plants increases. I am so glad United Plant Savers has started the sanctuary program. It can make my “rescue missions” more official as I need to reach out for others to help. As I only own an acre, the main future project is to expand the sanctuary. Room for a research project on rare plant propagation and an educational center is needed.