Call for Articles & Member Contributions to the 2024 Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation

Share in this monumental edition as we celebrate 30 years! Have a special memory or reflection on the history of UpS? We welcome all contributions from our members.

  • We would like to highlight recent books and accomplishments by members.
  • We would like to include creative ways members are sharing plant knowledge via classes, podcasts, zines, poems, art & photography.
  • We do not sell advertising space in our Journal but members can submit an ad for your school, zine, podcast, or other creative plant-based activity – at no charge – using the form below.
  • We also encourage stories from our many program participants – Partners in Education, Forest Farmers enrolled in the Forest Grown Verified program, Deep Ecology Art Fellows, Botanical Sanctuary Network, and Sacred Seeds Gardens.


  • The deadline for submissions is February 1st, 2024.
  • Display ads should measure 1080px x 1080px (standard square size for Instagram).
  • Articles should be saved as MS Word or Google Doc format. Anywhere around 1500-2000 words is good. If articles include any inserted images, attach the original images as separate files so they will print clearly (high-resolution JPGs or PNGs please).
  • Artwork and photography should be saved at its original size, high-resolution 300dpi JPG files are ideal. Please rename each file with a short caption and image credit as it should appear in print.

Submission Form