Call for Articles & Member Contributions to the 2024 Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation

We continue to highlight the work of our members in the Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation.

  • We would like to highlight recent books and accomplishments by members.
  • We would like to include creative ways members are sharing plant knowledge via classes, podcasts, zines, poems, art & photography.
  • We do not sell advertising space in our Journal but members can submit an ad for your school, zine, podcast, or other creative plant-based activity – at no charge – using the form below.
  • We also welcome stories from our many program participants – Partners in Education, Forest Farmers enrolled in the Forest Grown Verified program, Deep Ecology Art Fellows, Botanical Sanctuary Network, and Sacred Seeds Gardens.


  • The deadline for submissions is February 28th, 2024.
  • Display ads should measure 1080px x 1080px (standard square size for Instagram).
  • Artwork and photography should be saved as original size, high-resolution JPG files. Please rename each file with a short caption and image credit as it should appear in print.
  • Articles should be saved as MS Word or Google Doc format. If articles include any inserted images, you should also attach the original images as separate files so they will print clearly (high-resolution JPGs or PNGs please).

Submission Form