For countless communities around the world, the presence of medicinal plants and the traditional knowledge of their properties and uses are crucial factors for ensuring health and prosperity.

We must act on a worldwide basis to ensure resilience and health for future generations.

Sacred Seeds is a global non-profit creating and supporting plant sanctuaries that address the rapid loss of biodiversity and cultural knowledge through living gardens, containing locally important plants focused on medicinals but including those of ceremonial, food, and craft use.

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Tertulias Herb Garden

Tertulias’ purpose is to serve as a healing oasis. Our focus is traditional Puerto Rican medicinal herbs, already familiar to many people in the community. We host tea days, herb walks, and sell medicinal herbs on site. The garden features hammocks and benches for people to rest and share stories. As in many low income …

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Southern Cross University Medicinal Plant Garden

The Medicinal Plant Garden at Southern Cross University was designed as a ´living laboratory´ for students of natural medicine to learn to identify and understand the growth habits and organoleptic characteristics of many of the plants used in contemporary Western herbal medicine in Australia. The plants have originated in large part from Europe and North …

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Jardin Etnobotanico Pueblo Chacobo-Pacahuara

The Chacobo Pacahuara Ethno-botanical Garden is in the planning stage. The Chacobo Pacahuara Ethnobotanical Garden is established by local communities concerned about the loss of traditional knowledge of medicinal plants, food plants and plants that provide various products, such as colorants, gums, tannins, the creation of products and much more. We have already identified the …

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IITA Forest Reserve Ethnobotanical Garden

The Forest Project protects International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) forest areas from poaching, theft, damage, and fire. We also maintain forest trails in the core area and are responsible for signage. The Project propagates indigenous plants from seeds and vegetative material collected in the IITA forest areas. Occasionally we also collect when on visits …

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The Herboretum is a garden of preserved and shared biodiversity with an exceptional location. On the site of an old abbey with traditions of medicinal plants, this 22 acres’ paradise of herbs is dedicated to wild, cosmetic, medicinal and well-being plants whose the emblem is the Cinqfoil, a lucky-charm plant. Its mission is truly consistent …

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Goldenseal Sanctuary

The United Plant Savers’ 360-acre Botanical Sanctuary sits in the Appalachian Foothills of Southeastern Ohio. Thanks to optimal soil conditions and unique topography, the Sanctuary is a refuge for wild medicinal plants which occur in abundance throughout the property. Historically known as “Paynes Woods”, what is today the UpS Sanctuary was known by many who …

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Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living & Education

Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living and Education, founded in 1995, is a beach front botanical collection, permaculture farm, and education and retreat center, dedicated to sustainable living practices, environmental education, cultivation, exploration and propagation of useful plants that can dramatically better people’s lives. Located on 85 acres of primary, secondary and established Food Forests, Punta …

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Forest School for Traditional Health Practitioners – PROMETRA Uganda

PROMETRA Uganda was founded in 2000 as a response to poor health conditions in the country and inadequate modern health services. Its focus is on traditional health care, a form of medicine that is comparatively accessible and affordable. The mission of PROMETRA is to promote traditional medical knowledge and practices for the improved health of …

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Chaikoni Jonibo Garden

The inhabitants of the Shipibo community of San Francisco of Yarinacocha in Peruvian Amazonia, and more particularly the ACOMACISHICON association, have been engaged for more than ten years in the conservation of the Chaikoni Jonibo ethnobotanic garden. Thanks to their efforts they were able to preserve trees and existing plants in an area particularly damaged …

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