Concert for the Plants

Join Us in the Spirit of Gratitude for the PLANTS 

A live-streamed event on Facebook with an inspiring and uplifting Giving Tuesday Concert as a way to give thanks to the plants and also to give back to our members.

In case you missed it, here’s the replay…


Rosemary Gladstar

A Special Message from Rosemary Gladstar

Founder of United Plant Savers and author of numerous books, Rosemary Gladstar, is launching United Plant Savers’ first-ever Concert for the Plants. Rosemary has been offering the science and art of herbalism correspondence courses – on sale at 


Below is information about our featured artists and we encourage you to support their music.

Rising AppalachiaRising Appalachia

Sisters Leah & Chloe and their beloved band use vocal harmonies, acoustic instruments, and world folk traditions to build a foundation of soul sounds. Rising Appalachia is a genre-bending force of sound that uses vocal harmony, lyrical prowess and diverse artistic collaborations to defy cultural clichés and ignite a musical revolution…

Matthew HumanMatthew Human

Our first featured artist’s original song, “Breathe” seemed like the perfect song to kick off a concert dedicated to the plants. Matthew Human spends most of his time these days in Costa Rica on his farm, Finca Verde. His Music is for the simple life and what’s really important: clean food and water, shelter, love, and community. You can support the Human Revolution by joining as a Patreon at

Holy RiverHøly River (formally Lobo)

Laney Sullivan and Jameson Price

Høly River’s full-length debut album, “Courage”, is a collective body of songs to illuminate the liminal space. Like a lantern on a moonless night, this album was written to accompany the listener through the thresholds of personal unraveling and reformation. Perhaps focused more on the process of  unraveling, “Courage” is full of fire and wind the tools needed to clear the field so that new seeds can grow.

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PanSong draws sounds inspired by nature, science, dreams, and improvisations combined with the mystical sounds of the Handpan to bring a refreshing sonic experience. With members from ‘Out of the Beardspace’ and ‘The Underwater Sounds’, this 4-piece meditative jam band creates genre-bending compositions while holding space for the holy resonance of this new hand played steel pan instrument. From high energy dance grooves to thoughtful vocal harmony compositions, to rejuvenating sound baths, PanSong’s got a little something to resonate with most any situation.

Since their inception in 2018, PanSong has been playing festivals, venues, meditations, ecstatic dances and more. In the spring of 2020, they released their debut album, “First Flight“, which can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere else you go to find music. Throughout the time since the world slowed for COVID, PanSong has continued to release new music videos; and its individual members have been highly active releasing solo music and new collaborations! To keep up to date on PanSong, follow them on Instagram @pansong_music, or search for them on Facebook and YouTube.

Band Members:

  • Sean Youngman – Handpan
  • Jeremy Savo – Guitar, Vocals
  • Kevin Savo – Bass, Vocals
  • Ethan Feinstein – Drums, Vocals

Brother HillBrother Hill

From Ohio, we bring you Brother Hill — the musical solo project of artist Brett Hill. Brett is an Ohio native who practices the art of storytelling through folk songs, both old and new. This summer United Plant Savers hosted Brett at our Botanical Sanctuary through our Deep Ecology Fellowship Program. He was able to stay on the land, connect with the plants, and write and play music Brett is involved in many musical projects, one of which is the band Hill Spirits, and the musical project Slavalachia. You can find more content from Brother Hill and Hill Spirits on Bandcamp and Spotify. Follow Brett on social media @Brother.Hill.

Joma KaukonenJorma Kaukonen

No introduction is needed for Jorma who has the Fur Peace Ranch about 25-minutes from the United Plant Savers sanctuary. The Fur Peace Ranch is a treasured asset to Megis County, Ohio, and home to the Psylodelic Gallery art and cultural center.

Urquwill is on Mixlr