Eagle Feather Farm

Marshall, NC
Sanctuary Steward: Robert Eidus

We have been very busy at Eagle Feather Farm this year, especially on the local level. We were one of six farms on the Carolina Farm Stewardship Assoc 1999 Mountain Farm Tour where over 150 people visited and attended workshops on preparing a fall ginseng bed and spraying with goldenseal spray as well as tours of the center. We have also been contracted to provide 22 pounds of ginseng seed to two NC Mountain county Extension offices. That should produce about 80,000 baby plants in the spring!

This year we harvested, for the first time, 1 and 2 yr old certified organic ginseng plants ~ about 550 plants for replanting in their new homes. We also planted twenty seven 15 yr or older ginseng plants for future seed stock. Also in the works is research with Linn Stillwell on alternative herbal fungicides for ginseng.
We continue to be present at herbal conferences, local herbal events and farmers markets selling our organic cultivated plants and educating by giving workshops, tours and lectures.