Fire Om Earth Retreat Center

Eureka Springs, AR
Sanctuary Sterwards: Lorna and Craig Trigg

Fire Om Earth Retreat Center & Botanical Sanctuary – Eureka we found it!

In 2001 my husband Craig and I set out from suburban Buffalo, NY to find the perfect place to live. Although we had created a Sanctuary in suburbia, with organic food and medicinal plant gardens we felt the need to find a community of like minded people., and some acreage. We are both artists and create Wind and Percussion instruments, as well as clay art for home and garden.

We were drawn to the Ozark Mountains. As we drove down from the plateau of Missouri I immediately felt we were home.

The small eclectic town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas lies nestled in between two plateaus composed of intricately intercalated layers of limestone, shale, sandstone. A fifteen acre property with a Historic Lodge and Guest cottage presented itself to us on our first day of home hunting. The property had been neglected for a number of years, overgrown with Wisteria, up 80ʼ into the Juniper trees, Honeysuckle vine and Vinca. When we saw the property we both said perfect!, being undaunted by the task that lay ahead of reclaiming and rediscovering what lay under the overgrown landscape, we bought it.

As we walked the property on our daily rounds and discovered its springs, bluffs, creeks, native plants and hidden gardens, it became evident that this was a place for community to gather, renew and refresh. In the last 12 years we have dedicated ourselves to restoring the gardens, opening up walking trails, identifying plants, building a Labyrinth, Sweat Lodges, Camping Platforms, Fire Pits and Sacred Meditation and Contemplation areas.

We have been blessed to have wonderful teachers Steven Foster, Melissa Clare, Bob & Lee Nitsch, Elle DʼCoda, Jim Twofeathers, and others who have shared their wisdom and knowledge with the community on subjects such as Herbal Walks, Natures Medicines, Community Lodges, teachings from the indigenious Elders,Plant Spirit Medicine, and Granny Women lore.

The slogan “If you listen, they will teach you”, that UpS uses is very apt to this property and our way of being. The land and plants tell us what is needed, ideas and people show up to help it on its way, and we as stewards of this land, listen and follow. Becoming part of UpS, and a Botanical Sanctuary is a wonderful way to further our commitment.

We offer workshops, retreats and creativity events. We invite community to come and walk the trails and be in nature. For more information, please visit us online: