Gift Membership

Help United Plant Savers spread awareness of native medicinal plant conservation by gifting a membership this holiday season. Membership fees support the vital work of United Plant Savers ~ the healing herbs and all the folks behind the scenes at United Plant Savers thank you.

Benefits of a Gift Membership of UpS:

  • Membership ‘Thank You’ Gift.
  • Receive annual Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation
  • Opportunities to participate in Spring and Fall Dispersals of seeds/plants for replanting purposes
  • Access our Directory of nurseries, seed sources and farms that supply “at-risk” herbs
  • Receive discounted registration for our Planting the Future conferences as well as other events in your area
  • Become eligible for Community Grants and other benefits
  • Access UpS Educational Publications and back issues of newsletters

What your membership dollars support:

  • General operating costs
  • Subsidizing the Medicinal Plant Conservation Certificate Program
  • Funding research on ‘At-Risk’ medicinal plants
  • Provides funds for ‘Planting the Future’ events and workshops
  • Ongoing habitat restoration and preservation at our Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary and beyond

When purchasing a gift membership please follow up by sending an email with the following information to

  1. Name of who is purchasing the gift certificate
  2. Name of who is receiving the gift certificate
  3. Recipient’s email address
  4. Recipient’s postal address
  5. Indicate if you paid with Paypal or are paying by check.
  6. If you are paying through PayPal: Include recipient’s mailing address in the ‘Instructions to Merchant’ field when you checkout. Other instructions, such as a specific date to send the new member welcome message and account login info to the recipient (in case it’s a surprise gift) can be put there too.

To purchase through Paypal:

Please Give Recipients Name
Please Give Recipients Email

If you are paying by check please include the information from above with your check and mail it to:
UNITED PLANT SAVERS : PO Box 147 Rutland, OH 45775


Download Your Printable Certificate Here and Give the Gift of Membership
UpS Membership Gift Certificate