Highlights from the 2018 Medicinal Plant Conservation Certificate Program

Spring and Fall UpS Internship Program

“My experience at UpS has literally lifted the veil on this beautiful earth! I look at everything so differently and have the feeling of being reborn.”  April Covington, UpS intern Fall 2018

“Since arriving at the sanctuary for the internship I have been smiling ear to ear nonstop. We are currently at the half way mark and I have already surpassed every dream and goal I came here with. This program has allowed me to make connection with both plants and people that will last a lifetime. I wish I never had to leave.”  Eden Kuflik, UpS intern Fall 2018

Each Spring and Fall up to six interns stay for six weeks at the UpS Botanical Sanctuary.  These interns help with work and projects at the Sanctuary and take classes from local teachers in herbalism, medicine making, plant culture, botany, and more.

Each program is unique due to the prior experiences of applicants, work needed at the sanctuary, weather, scheduled events, time of year, field trips planned, etc.  This fall we spent lots of quality time with Paul Strauss on his farm, here at the sanctuary, and on his land in West Virginia.  Paul’s daughter, Lonnie Galt-Theis, along with non timber forest product specialist Tanner Filyaw, spent regular days each week with the interns.  During this time interns worked to maintain the sanctuary, learned and practiced plant ID and had specific classes on ramps, ginseng, medicinal mints, and more.  Ethnobotanist Marc Williams joined us to teach Botany in a Day and spend time in the woods, and to lecture at The Ohio Pawpaw Festival.   Ginseng expert Chip Carroll spent several evenings talking about his favorite plant and was joined for one day by the legendary teacher Bob Beyfuss to put the ginseng knowledge over the top.  Other teachers and topics included:  John Carnes- mushroom ID and lore, Katherine Ziff- flower essences, Maureen Burns- tea blending, Eric Hart- prairie management and oak regeneration, Katey Patterson- wilderness first aid.  Field trips included the Ohio Pawpaw Festival,  Kayford Mountain tour with Keeper of the Mountains, Herb walk and camp out in Pocahontas County West Virginia, and Native Plant Nursery Sunshine Gardens.

We are already gearing up for the Spring 2019 program and we look forward to your application!



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