Introducing the NEW Website

Wild American Ginseng

We are pleased to announce the new website:!

Created in collaboration with United Plant Savers and the Wild American Ginseng Conservation Collaborative, is improved and updated from the original McGraw Labs website.

For many years, the previous website was the main source of conservation science, research and data regarding wild American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) through the work of Dr. Jim McGraw and students.

Now, this important foundational website has been greatly expanded to the whole ginseng community and adapted to a broader audience in order to provide lay folk with information about American ginseng biology, threats to this important species and the science-proven story of stewardship. Along with a new look, the updated media, videos and resources include a searchable database and an archive of Panax publications hosted on the website itself and interactive features that help to make the science easier for researchers and non-scientists alike.