Jardin Botanico de Semillas Sagradas de Chan Chan

Sacred Seeds at the archeological site of Chan Chan is an interactive and educational addition of the museum to enhance the celebration of ancient Peruvian culture and its influences on modern daily life. The emphasis of this garden is the cultivation and use of medicinal plants that contain healing properties. We are inspired by the current initiatives of the INC and the UE to encourage the involvement of schoolchildren and community members in celebrating the history and traditions pertinent to the region.

The creation of a botanical garden at the Museo del Sitio de Chan Chan serves as a supplemental museum exhibit for visitors, as well as an outdoor classroom for local students. The interactive garden educates visitors about plants that have historical and present-day significance. Museum guests take self-guided tours of the garden, seeing, smelling, and touching the plants that were historically used by the Chimu people, as well as non-native introductions made to complement the existing pharmacopeia. A written guide explains the historical context and importance of each plant variety, emphasizing the role it plays in cultural practices. Additionally, the guide includes botanical information that provides insight into the medicinal and curative applications. This information allows for an understanding of the ways in which historic cultural practices have endured and remain relevant in present times. There is a more in-depth informational packet specifically designed for teachers and students allowing schools to incorporate this exhibit into their curriculum. The packet includes curriculum ideas for students of all ages, with interactive activities that can be carried out on-sight, as well as resources and ideas for furthering the cultural learning back in the classroom.

By creating a botanical garden at the archeological museum, there is a living component to the previously existent historical exhibits. This approach enhances the overall understanding of the ancient culture and traditions of the Chimu people and provides a link between ancient customs and modern-day practices. Visitors can experience first-hand the lasting impacts of the traditional cultures of Northern Peru. Through educational opportunities such as this, future generations will be able to understand and celebrate the legacy of their heritage and feel an historical connection to the region in which they live.

At A Glance

  • Region
    South America
  • Country
  • Area
    Sitio Arqueológico de Chan Chan, Trujillo, Perú
  • Latitude
    8° 5′ 60″ S
  • Longitude
    79° 3′ 56.9988″ W
  • Partners
    Unidad Ejecutivo no. 110 de Chan Chan, Instituto Nacional de Cultura de Peru
  • Ecosystem
    Northern South American Pacific Coastal Desert
  • Cultural Scope
    Medicinal plants of ancient Chimu culture and modern Northern Peruvian herbalism