Jim and Peggy Duke Welcome Center

United Plant Savers’ Goldenseal Sanctuary announces plans to raise funds to renovate an old barn into the “Jim and Peggy Duke Welcome Center”.

How can you get involved & help?

Firstly, we are asking for contributions to our ‘brickby- brick program’. For a $1,000 donation your name or organization will be featured as a donor to our ‘Welcome Center Fund’.

Welcome Center Flyer (PDF)



We are also asking for any books that are relevant to botanical studies for our UpS library, which will serve as reference material for student interns, visitors and the local community.

The Welcome Center will feature educational displays about Goldenseal Sanctuary, a reference library reading area, and herbarium specimens from the Sanctuary.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to honor long time UpS supporters, Jim and Peggy Duke, for their immense contributions to the botanical knowledge of medicinal plants. The Welcome Center is part of our plan to provide greater access to the botanical wonderland of Goldenseal Sanctuary.

About Jim & Peggy Duke

“Each year Jim would head to the Goldenseal Sanctuary with a group of students from MUIH (formerly Tai Sophia Institute) in the spring, just after the goldenseal bloom. Although always one for a frolic in the woods, Jim was keen to the many treasures there, on the lookout for new plants or ones we hadn’t seen before. And no matter the plant, there would be a story to go with it. His joy in finding each of his plant friends on the sanctuary and surrounding forests each year was palpable. In the warm afternoons, he would wade into the pond, cover himself with mud, and go looking at the calamus and the irises like some kind of amphibious plant lover. Jim would fill jars with ‘families’ of plants, looking for flowering examples he could put together for the students to observe and learn their interrelationships. Jim had many gifts towards conservation of medicinal plants, and perhaps his greatest one was the inspiration of his love of plants inciting in all who met and learned from him.” – comments from Bevin Clare, UpS Board Member.

Jim Duke has been such an inspiration to members of the United Plant Savers Board and many of the members of the UpS community, and together with Peggy Duke (acclaimed botanical artist), they have articulated a love for medicinal plants. It is with great honor that we work towards the construction of this much needed Jim and Peggy Duke Welcome Center. Jim and Peggy have educated the masses through the establishment of the green pharmacy garden; and both they and Helen Metzman, UpS board member who oversees the stewardship and outreach of the garden are excited to see the welcome center come into fruition. Help us make this happen.

To make a donation, send a check directly to:

PO Box 147,
Rutland, OH 45775
or email