The Herboretum is a garden of preserved and shared biodiversity with an exceptional location. On the site of an old abbey with traditions of medicinal plants, this 22 acres’ paradise of herbs is dedicated to wild, cosmetic, medicinal and well-being plants whose the emblem is the Cinqfoil, a lucky-charm plant.

Its mission is truly consistent with the purest tradition of medieval monks, who observed Nature’s bounty and used plants grown within the walled gardens of their abbeys to make decoctions, elixirs and potions. Like the medicinal or “physic” gardens of the 13th century, The Herboretum today claims the status of Herbal Garden of the 3rd millennium.

Situated at the heart of the Val de Loire, ranked World’s Heritage by Unesco, The Herboretum is a human adventure for the preservation of the biodiversity and the protection of resources plants. The Herboretum attracts over 1 000 different plant species including 200 species, characteristics of the region. It is composed by 5 thematic gardens (The Garden of Symphony, The Flavours Garden, The Garden of Temptations, The Garden of Regional Cosmetopeia and the The Fragrances Garden), 5 ecologic gardens (The Mint Meadow, The Orchid Ash Tree Garden, The Cardamine Riverbank, The Cornflower and Poppy Field and the Burnet Meadow) and 5 faunistic observatories (The Bird Island, the amphibian Riverside, The Bat Cave, The Bee Hives and The Butterfly Meadow).

Located in the center of the Cosmetic Valley, competitiveness cluster and worldwide leader in perfumery cosmetics resources, The Herboretum organizes eco-meetings, seminars, trainings, guided visits and educational workshops on sustainable development and biodiversity for schools, families and professionals.

Now, The Herboretum is taking its mission to the international arena with the establishment of The Herboretum Network. The aim of this Network is to promote and enhance the value of biodiversity through a worldwide network of committed partners. Federating knowledge and skills, sharing experience, highlighting local plant resources, multiplying centres for initiative and awareness concerning the sustainable management of biodiversity: these commitments are the essence of The Herboretum Charter, which the partners of this network have signed.

At A Glance

  • Region
  • Country
  • Area
    Loire Valley
  • Latitude
    47° 52′ 11.6076″ N
  • Longitude
    1° 44′ 36.456″ E
  • Partners
    The Centre Region, The Loire Regional Council, The Cosmetic Valley, Les Croqueurs de Pommes (Apple-Biters’ Association), The French Bird-Protection League (LPO), The French Society of Ecology, ‘Graine Centre’, The harvesting beekeepers, The Institute of Monoi (Tahiti French Polynesia), Loiret Nature Environment (LNE), The National Conservatory at Rochefort-sur-mer, Nature Centre, OPIE (Office For Insects and their Environment), City of Orleans, Orleans Museum, Parks and Gardens in the Central Region, ‘Pays Loire Beauce’ Association, ‘Route du Blé’ en Beauce Organisation, Town of Saint-Ay, The Ernest Turc Foundation in Angers
  • Ecosystem
    Five temperate ecosystems: humid meadow, forest, river, mesohygrophile meadow, cereal field, hedgerow country
  • Cultural Scope
    Local plants used for french cosmetics, medicine, food, clothes and dyes