Message in a Dream

by Julia Orquera Bianco

Then, Mugwort whispered:
“The love you sought elsewhere
– seemingly so long ago –
you found in the rain falling,
in the soil opening up to welcome the sprout,
in the flower and her mission of sharing.

“In your cats’ eyes.
In the sourdough bread, the Mushroom Medicine, and
the warmth of your neighbor’s smile.

“In every leaf of every plant
and every branch of every tree.

In this Land, who held your heart when it broke open and
bathed the tiny ants with your tears when the pain was
overbearing and omniscient.

“Seemingly – so long ago.

“The love you had to give
was poured into cooking,
and in singing to the Sacred Birds
– your spirit companions –
to care and to comfort yourself and others.

“Shared through joy and laughter with dear friends,
dearer by the day,
given generously in shapes and colors that became this art;

“Offered in nursing, growing and chanting to the plants,
your ultimate soulmates.

“The love you dreamed of is already here.
It has always been, it will always be.
It’s never reduced to a person or a thing;
our hearts are meant to hold and to give so much more
than that.

“The love of your life is the love
that you give, and the love that you receive throughout
your passing

– like a traveling cloud leaving flakes behind,
filling herself with the sun –

on this Earth.”