Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living & Education


Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living and Education, founded in 1995, is a beach front botanical collection, permaculture farm, and education and retreat center, dedicated to sustainable living practices, environmental education, cultivation, exploration and propagation of useful plants that can dramatically better people’s lives. Located on 85 acres of primary, secondary and established Food Forests, Punta Mona is proud to be the home to over 200 varieties of tropical fruit trees as well as numerous medicinal plants, construction species, native hardwoods, vegetables, roots and famed ornamentals. Living in the deep tropics is a great platform for education in that students can experience how integral each species of plant, animal, fungi, insect and numerous other microorganism are to the great web of life on this planet. Punta Mona is dedicated to being a model for sustainable and progressive living on, with and from the land. Permaculture philosophy draws from indigenous wisdom of thoughtful observation and living with the land, not against it.

At A Glance

  • Region
    Central America
  • Country
    Costa Rica\
  • Area
    Talamanca (Southern Caribbean Coast)
  • Latitude
    9° 37′ 52.662″ N
  • Longitude
    82° 37′ 43.8204″ W
  • Ecosystem
    Tropical – Caribbean
  • Cultural Scope
    Indigenous Bribri, Afro-Caribbean