Sanctity of Sanctuary Streaming Event for Members

sanctity of sanctuary cover collage

In honor of our March Membership Month, and as a special thank you to our members, we wanted to share the movie Sanctity of Sanctuary featuring Paul Strauss Equinox farm. The true story and documentary highlights how the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary came into fruition and thus sparked the Botanical Sanctuary Network.

Take the time for this streaming opportunity to watch, be inspired and share the mission with your community of the importance of becoming a PLANT SAVER…

United Plant Savers membership fees is our solid source of funding with out membership dollars we would not exsist. We are the collective consciousness through the thoughtful gift of 35.00 from members across North America. Plant conservation is not easy to fund or popular in the grant world, and in all honesty we are membership driven, not just by the 35.00 but by the inspiring work of our members who tend sanctauries in thier back yards, who teach others around them, who harvest medicine sustainably and who ask important questions when buying herbal products.

Please take this month to renew your membership, encourage others to join, and set intention for you plant works as we look towards the return of spring!


MARCH 25th to APRIL 10th 


Thank you to our our common roots for hosting the movie, check the new online radion station to learn more

If you would like to purchase a hard copy of the movie here is the link to the movie website:

(ALL members are being emailed the code for watching the MOVIE. if you misplaced it please email us at and will send it to you asap.)