Turtle Mountain Herbs and Botanical Sanctuary

Rockford, TN
Sanctuary Steward: Crystal Wilson

Turtle Mountain Herbs began as a dream, twenty plus years ago. I was privileged to grow up in the beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia in the shadow of Mount Rogers. My earliest memories are of being toted all over the Appalachian trail, learning the plants, trees and animals from my Dad. After finally finishing college in 1994, we struck out to find “our” land. Work brought us to Tennessee and that is where we found our little mountain. Being fresh out of school, there was no bottom land within our reach.

Our first peek at our mountain was bleak. She had been bulldozed, filled with trash, and left to flounder. Not accustomed to resisting a challenge, we took her on. We started growing medicinal plants to sell and to plant on the mountain. Since there was no market back then here in Knoxville, we trekked across the mountain to Asheville. With the coming of our first baby and three more to follow, we had to give up. We continued to clean, plant, and nurture our little mountain. We begin to see natives return: Black Cohosh, Partridge Berry, as well as, Box Turtles to name a few. Just last year, we reopened to the public , at the urging of our children. This past year has been a wild ride here on the mountain, but we are looking forward to many more and watching our mountain grow and flourish.