Upcoming events at Morning Sun Homestead in New Egypt, NJ

Botanical Sanctuary Network member Morning Sun Homestead

1 Ivans Dr, New Egypt, NJ 08533

Bringing Stress into Balance

March 21st 1-2pm

Join Laura for a short class on stress and anxiety. We will delve into the physiology of our stress response and talk about herb and lifestyle choices. $20

Stick around for the open house!


March Open House

March 21st 2-5pm

Join us for our March Open House. Weather and plants permitting, we will take a look at the early spring garden. Followed by our usual potluck and sociability. Free.


Plant Exchange

April 25th 1-5pm

Join us for our annual plant exchange. Bring your extra seedlings, cuttings and divisions to trade! At last, something to do with all those extra tomato seedlings! Vegetables, herbs, natives and ornamentals all welcome. You do not need to bring plants to participate, there are usually extra seedlings. Please have your plants labeled and in pots or bags. Followed by our usual fabulous potluck!