UpS Presents at Michigan Native Plant Conference

Executive Director, Susan Leopold, was very grateful to be invited to present on behalf of United Plant Savers for the 34th Annual Michigan Native Plant Conference held by the Wildflower Association of Michigan.
The topic for Susan’s presentation was:
The Underground World of Native Medicinal Plants in Trade in North America 

A 6-billion-dollar herbal supplement industry in the US is dependent in part on native medicinal plants that are harvested from the wild in a completely unregulated network of diggers and dealers. It is fascinating to contrast these native medicinal plants in trade against the native medicinal plants in the nursery trade. Trillium, goldenseal, ginseng, false unicorn, slippery elm, cohosh, bloodroot, are just some of the plants that are impacted by compounding habitat loss, climate change, and stress of harvesting.
This talk shared important information on the underground and unregulated trade of medicinal plants in North American and provided information on the Forest Grown Verified program that is working to support growers who are cultivating native medicinal plants to take the pressure off wild harvesting.
United Plant Savers is a membership organization that produces an annual Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation and is unique in its advocacy for sustainable plant trade that encourages reciprocity between people and plants.