The Forest Farmers Handbook (Free Download)

The Forest Farmers Handbook

The Forest Farmers Handbook: A Beginners Guide to Growing and Marketing At-Risk Forest Herbs by United Plant Savers & Rural Action If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in forest farming. And if not, perhaps you should be—forest farming can provide economic opportunities to the forest landowner or land steward while also providing significant environmental …

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Farmers Head Into the Woods by Jane Tanner

Here’s a great article by Jane Turner discussing agroforestry growing as a way to diversify farms. She includes many examples of farmers who have begun incorporating and benefiting from its practice — taking pressure off wild populations at the same time. Download PDF Here Originally published in Growing for Market, Vol. 29 / Issue 9.

HerbalGram Publishes Article Highlighting the FGV program

HerbalGram Investing in Forests & Communities

HerbalGram just published the article “Investing in Forest Communities” (linked below) highlighting the FGV program. This article details the importance of forest farming botanicals as a path forward for the future of Appalachian native plants in the herbal market place. DOWNLOAD PDF Investing in Forests & Communities: A Pathway to a Sustainable Supply of Forest …

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Mountain Rose Herbs First to Offer Forest Grown Verified Ginseng Root


Mountain Rose is the first company to offer FGV ginseng root, leaf, and whole plant tincture as well as black cohosh root and tincture. Here is a wonderful blog and video on the FGV program and forest farmers. A Forest Grown Future for Pennsylvania’s Precious Ginseng (FULL POST) “Forest farming represents a promising economic and …

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UpS Provides Cost Sharing for Ginseng

forest grown

by Lee Rinehart, Director of Education & Outreach, Pennsylvania Certified Organic Sustainable harvesting of wild-grown medicinal plants is becoming a major concern to reduce the threat to forest plant biodiversity. Wild ecologies can be fragile, and given the demand for medicinal plants, the industry is looking for ways to verify the conscientious production and harvest …

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