HerbalGram Publishes Article Highlighting the FGV program

HerbalGram just published the article “Investing in Forest Communities” (linked below) highlighting the FGV program. This article details the importance of forest farming botanicals as a path forward for the future of Appalachian native plants in the herbal market place.

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  • Investing in Forests & Communities: A Pathway to a Sustainable Supply of Forest Herbs in the Eastern United States
    In an herbal marketplace that depends on medicinal forest plants, the triple bottom line of sustainability requires these considerations and more. The three pillars in the forest herb supply chain are: (1) the forest ecosystems and plant communities from which raw materials are harvested; (2) the people who act as stewards, farmers, and harvesters of the raw materials, as well as the communities of people who depend on forest ecosystem resources; and (3) the consumers who buy and use the finished products. All of these factors are uniquely and inextricably linked, with each depending on the health and welfare of the others to prosper.