Mountain Rose Herbs First to Offer Forest Grown Verified Ginseng Root


Mountain Rose is the first company to offer FGV ginseng root, leaf, and whole plant tincture as well as black cohosh root and tincture. Here is a wonderful blog and video on the FGV program and forest farmers.

  • A Forest Grown Future for Pennsylvania’s Precious Ginseng (FULL POST)
    Forest farming represents a promising economic and ecological path forward for Pennsylvania’s wild areas, and businesses and herb-lovers are essential to supporting it. When customers purchase Forest Grown Verified botanicals from Mountain Rose Herbs, a portion of the proceeds are donated to United Plant Savers to fund growth and development initiatives to help this emerging industry thrive. With their help, the tireless efforts of our growers, and the global herbalism community, these magical plants may enrich our lives and the environment for generations to come.

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