Become a Partner in Education

Join us in our mission to Plant the Future through the conservation of our native medicinal plants.

Introducing the idea of at-risk medicinal plant conservation to herbalism students is essential to the mission of United Plant Savers.

To help facilitate this introduction, UpS offers a special student membership of $20 per student for all schools, apprentice programs, and training courses that enroll their students as a group.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner in Education

When your school/program joins our Partners in Education program, you will receive the following:

  • A listing in our Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation;

  • Inclusion in our online PIE Directory;

  • The opportunity to offer special member benefits to United Plant Savers members.

  • Eligibility to display a United Plant Savers member logo signifying your PIE membership. This is a fantastic way to show your customers and clients that you care, are actively engaged with our organization, and are dedicated to the conservation ethic behind sustainable harvesting and sourcing of medicinal plants.

Remember that all members of United Plant Savers are eligible to apply for Community Grants and the Botanical Sanctuary Network.

Join Us Today


Join UpS as a Partner in Education (PIE membership)


Once your school obtains a PIE membership, there are two ways to sign your students up:

  • The BEST way is to add $20 to your program tuition fee, then automatically enroll each of your students as members of UpS.
  • Or, at the start of your program, offer the students the opportunity to join UpS for the $20 student member fee. You can collect the fees and send the information in.

We do require that all students who enroll in Partners In Education send in their fees together. Please download this spreadsheet to use when collecting information from your students to send to us.

The Partners in Education membership must be renewed annually at the PIE/Non-Profit rate of $50 in order to maintain your PIE benefits.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact