We EXCEEDED our goal for the Hope for Hydrastis Project!

What a way to start the decade!

Thanks to an overwhelming response from our wonderful community of plant lovers (350 of you, in fact), we EXCEEDED our goal for the Hope for Hydrastis Project!

The anonymous donor who generously offered to match your gifts up to $25,000 was so in awe of your support that he has agreed to match the full amount of $30,376. That means together we’ve raised $60,752 to help preserve goldenseal for generations to come.


Purchase all the supplies needed to restore our greenhouse and ready it for planting. This includes gravel, compost and amendments, and rot-resistant lumber, as well as 10 new woodland garden beds to expand our propagation capacity.

Support those who will be working on the propagation project in Rutland, Ohio.

Provide roots to Appalachian forest farmers, botanical sanctuaries, and members.

This is quite possibly the GREATEST effort ever to support this critical herbal ally. Thank you for donating to the project and sharing our fundraising campaign with your friends and family. We couldn’t have done this without you!

Stay engaged as this long-term project grows! We’ll share news with our email subscribers, and you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest.


We are excited about the future of Hydrastis canadensis and so many other plant projects planned for 2020, and the dawn of a new decade has us reflecting on the past year too.

What a whirlwind it has been! In this 25th Anniversary year, we accomplished a lot—perhaps the biggest achievement was opening the first-ever Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation at the UpS Botanical Sanctuary watch the video.

Even though we’re such a small organization, our impact is big. Other newsworthy items we were involved with in 2019:

We plan to make even more news in 2020 with your support!

During these uncertain times, we take solace in knowing we have a wonderful community that truly cares about making this world a better place. We are so grateful for you.

Thank you.