Singing Brook Farm

Worthington, MA Sanctuary Steward: Mariam Massaro Singing Brook Farm is land richly endowed with native species including: Black Cohosh, Bloodroot, Partridge Berry, Ladies Slipper, Goldthread, Maidenhair Fern, Spikenard as well as others on the UpS “At Risk” and “To Watch” lists. Open to the public one day per week in the summer months for tours, …

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Cedar Spring Herb Farm

Harwich, MA
Sanctuary Steward: Donna Wood Eaton

This 7 acre farm, bounded by town-owned “Greenspace” and privately owned undeveloped woodlands is the home of Cedar Spring Herb Farm. Comprised of 4 acres of wooded uplands with 1 ½ acres vernal pool and 1 ½ acres cedar swamp, many wild plants thrive in this specific habitat: pink ladies slipper, pipsissewa, wintergreen, high and lowbush blueberries, sweet fern, cedar, pine, oak and poke root. Mosses, ferns, lichens and fungi abound. Under cultivation are black and blue cohoshes, bloodroot, solomon’s seal and many other medicinal herbs as well.

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Eagle Feather Farm

Marshall, NC
Sanctuary Steward: Robert Eidus

We have been very busy at Eagle Feather Farm this year, especially on the local level. We were one of six farms on the Carolina Farm Stewardship Assoc 1999 Mountain Farm Tour where over 150 people visited and attended workshops on preparing a fall ginseng bed and spraying with goldenseal spray as well as tours of the center. We have also been contracted to provide 22 pounds of ginseng seed to two NC Mountain county Extension offices. That should produce about 80,000 baby plants in the spring!

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Herb Pharm Farm

Williams, OR Sanctuary Stewards: Sara Katz & Ed Smith In 1993 Sara Katz and Ed Smith, founders and owners of Herb Parm, purchased a lovely 85 acre farm in southern Oregon. While the lay of the land was beautiful to behold, this farmland had been over-grazed by sheep and cattle for the prior 20 years, …

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Sweetwater Sanctuary at Partner Earth Education Center

Danby, Vermont Sanctuary Stewards: Pam Montgomery and Mark Carlin Sweetwater Sanctuary sits at the base of Marble Mountain and the Dorset Peaks, some of the highest mountains in southern Vermont. This is home to black bear, coyote, bobcat, moose, raven, wild turkey, porcupine, ermine, beaver, red-tail hawk and the extremely rare catamount. We are surrounded …

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Green Farmacy Garden

Fulton, MD Sanctuary Stewards: Jim and Peggy Duke “Wintergreen’s a breath of spring on the wintry forest floor It makes a body sing when the songs don’t come no more…” Nestled between the hustle bustle of the Baltimore-Washington, DC metropolitan region, where the piedmont meets the coastal plain in the Patuxent River valley, is the …

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Little Knife Wild Medicinals Sanctuary

Duluth, MN
Steward: Friede Rica

The Little Knife Botanical Sanctuary is located in a transition zone, ecologically speaking, between the southern hardwood forests and the boreal evergreen woods of the north. It consists of 19.7 acres situated 1 mile inland from Lake Superior and about 12 miles northeast of Duluth, MN along Hwy 61. We, my father and I, have owned the property for the past 15 years and have recently started to craft our vision of an environmental arts and herbal center. The Little Knife River cuts the property in two sections—the smaller section on the western side is being developed with a small garden, apple orchard and a couple of airstream trailers outfitted with wood-burning stoves. The larger portion is being kept wild with a few small trails for guided tours.

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Shindagin Hollow Woodland Botanical Sanctuary

Willseyville, NY Sanctuary Stewards: Suzanne Johnson and Jeff Joseph It was our good fortune to become land stewards in 2003, when after a long search we purchased 33 acres of forestland in south-central New York State. We are both Biointensive gardeners and naturalists and have also studied primitive skills with Tom Brown’s Tracker School. I …

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