Desert Canyon Farm

Canon City, CO
Sanctuary Stewards: Chris and Tammi Hartung

Desert Canyon Farm is owned by Chris and Tammi Hartung. It is a USDA certified organic wholesale farm in southern Colorado. The farm specializes in growing potted herbs (more than 350 different varieties of all types) and potted heritage heirloom and ethnic food plants (nearly 175 different varieties), which are wholesaled to garden centers throughout Colorado and northern New Mexico. In addition, they field grow perennial flower and grass seed crops for a German seed company. In addition to being a UpS Botanical Sanctuary, the farm is also a certified Nature Preserve. The farm’s gardens include many native medicinal plants, including Yerba Mansa, several species of Echinacea, and White Sage to name a few. Chris and Tammi have discovered that the combination of native plants intermixed with non-natives, and a protected place for wildlife and domesticated honey bees to exist is a perfect marriage.

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The Mandala Way Labyrinth – UpS Botanical Sanctuary Garden

Keene, NH
Sanctuary Steward: Katy Locke

In August of 2009, two dreams were born in my life that are now becoming one: first, I attended a slideshow presentation by Kate Rakosky on her United Plant Savers (UpS) Botanical Sanctuary Garden – how to establish, maintain, and delight in, such an endeavor

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Fern Hill Nursery and Botanical Sanctuary

Cottage Grove, OR Sanctuary Stewards: Devon Bonady and Brian Basor Fern Hill Nursery and Botanical Sanctuary is nestled in the Southern Willamette Valley of Oregon, between the Coast and Cascade mountain ranges. The land ranges 500 ft in elevation, encompassing 52 acres of diverse native forestland. Stands of native medicinals have grown wild on the …

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Apply for Membership in the BSN Network

Apply to join the BSN network of over 90 Botanical Sanctuaries across the country.  

The mission of United Plant Savers is to preserve, conserve and restore native medicinal plants and their habitats of the USA and Canada, while ensuring their abundant, renewable supply for future generations. To this end, United Plant Savers established one of our most important projects: The Botanical Sanctuary Network. As we became more deeply involved in the complexities of medicinal plant conservation, we realized that one must first preserve and protect the habitat in which our native plant communities thrive. What better way than to create a network of sanctuaries dedicated to restoring and preserving habitat for wildlife, both plants and animals.

Below is a link to download the application as a pdf file. You can then use it as a template to base your application on.

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