The Wellspring Valley For Acupuncture Energetics Herbal and Biological Medicine Galleries And Botanical Sanctuary

Chris and Castor bean

Christine Simmons    Robert Sabo

Bob and I are were both delighted to become a part of the growing Network of Botanical Sanctuaries under the sponsorship of the United Plant Savers back in 2008. We feel a growing responsibility to both learn and teach more about Stewardship with Nature and what we have called “wildlife.” As stewards of the land, there are many difficult questions we continue to ask each other and ourselves about the direction(s) botanical medicine may take in the future. There are many issues for which we need to find solutions, from managing the plants as well as to how we utilize them for the healing of ourselves and our planet. uPs is addressing many of these solutions. Here at the Wellspring Valley we are glad to be a part of this dialogue and experience.

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Turtle Mountain Herbs and Botanical Sanctuary

Rockford, TN
Sanctuary Steward: Crystal Wilson

Turtle Mountain Herbs began as a dream, twenty plus years ago. I was privileged to grow up in the beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia in the shadow of Mount Rogers. My earliest memories are of being toted all over the Appalachian trail, learning the plants, trees and animals from my Dad. After finally finishing college in 1994, we struck out to find “our” land. Work brought us to Tennessee and that is where we found our little mountain. Being fresh out of school, there was no bottom land within our reach.

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Kathy Krezek Larson Tallgrass Prairie

Kathy Krezek Larson Tallgrass Prairie Sanctuary Stewards: Frontier Natural Products Co-op The Frontier prairie, located at the headquarters of Frontier Natural Products Co-op in Norway, Iowa, was dedicated as the Kathy Krezek Larson Tallgrass Prairie upon the retirement of Vice President of Sustainability Kathy Larson after 33 years at Frontier. Kathy championed the prairie and …

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MagMell Farm

Landrum, SC
Sanctuary Stewards: Alison Strever and Lindsay Caesar

MagMell Farm, gently resting at the base of the Appalachian hills,is 57 acres of forest, field, river, and wetlands, and home to an increasing array of native and cultivated plants, over a hundred of which are medicinally used. Gaelic for “Fields of Love”, MagMell is located in historically renowned “Dark Corner”, rich with stories from early America and the colorful prohibition times.

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MoonMaid Botanicals Native Plant Sanctuary

Cosby, TN Sanctuary Steward: Cynthia Johnston I moved to the Smoky Mountains in 2003 to explore my dream of living closer to the land. I knew there was ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) here but had no idea how many other endangered native species existed and were abundant here. These include black cohosh (Actaea racemosa), trillium (Trillium …

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Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary

Nashville, IN Sanctuary Steward: Susan Clearwater, RN Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary joined the UpS network in 1999, and consists of 5-acres amidst the rolling hills and woodlands of southern Indiana. Woodland gardens are home to goldenseal, bloodroot, blue and black cohosh, American and Chinese yam, trillium, wild ginger, and cranesbill. Sun-loving herbs are cultivated in …

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